The Conciergerie Saint Ronan is your host for holiday home management in Pays Bigouden and adjacent areas.

At individually planned intervals, we offer safety checks of your house /property and create a detailed status report with photos.
We also assist you in renting your holiday home and we will take care of holiday changeovers (e.g. reception of your guests, personal assistance during their stay, handover of keys, departure, as well as assuring you on completion of each rental that the premises will be thoroughly checked prior to and after final cleaning to ensure that nothing has been damaged or removed.

In case of language barriers, we provide you support in dealing with local authority consents and regulations and we are able to organise, supervise and works required to upgrade or maintain your property to the highest standards

The Conciergerie Saint Ronan is a properly registered and insured company offering tailored services to suit your individual needs.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry and will be happy to provide you with a non-committal and free cost estimate.


If you live away from your property and would rather relax and let us do the work for you, the «Conciergerie Saint Ronan» is here to help.

Rental assistance and changeovers

If you're fortunate enough to own a property in Brittany then you've probably considered the possibility of letting it out to holidaymakers when it's vacant. It's a fantastic way of generating additional income and can help it pay its own way. If you live far away from your holiday home, the «Conciergerie Saint Ronan» will be able to help you organise the following: property checks, guest liaison, changeovers, cleaning and maintenance.


The «Conciergerie Saint Ronan» offers a private, bespoke and professional service to all of its clients. We can book a table in your favourite restaurant or arrange massages, hair appointments or an exhilarating ride on the beach. In addition, we can do your shopping for you while you spend your time with your loved ones. Flowers, chocolate and gift delivery- we can arrange all of this for you.

a personalized service tailored to your needs

Each property we work with is different, especially here in the Pays Bigouden. Our comprehensive concierge services are tailor-made and unique to you and your property, designed so that you can leave your property in safe hands.

    The «Conciergerie Saint Ronan» operates in «Haut Pays Bigouden» (Plozévet, Landudec, Pouldreuzic, Plonéour-Lanvern, Plovan, Tréogat, Plogastel Saint Germain, Guiler sur Goyen, Gourlizon und Peumerit) and adjacent areas (Pays Bigouden Sud,Cap Sizun, Douarnenez, etc.).

    We look forward to receiving your enquiry and will be happy to provide you with a non-committal and free cost estimate.



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